Training Events


Trigger Time Training was established in 2018 due to the high interest in country sports and having the enjoyment of using the equipment on targets. Training days are flexible from a personal 1:1 training programme to Corporate teams.

The shooting areas are spread out over 1000 acres with the lodge set close by for the hospitality. The days are custom designed to suit your requirements and budget, choosing from any of our disciplines offered below.

TTT can provide for all your hospitality requirements but bringing your own food is also an option.

All Personal Protection Equipment is provided for each guest, including safety glasses, ear defenders and there is a range officer on all ranges and a 1:1 instructor when shooting, at all times.

Air Pistols

Trigger Time Training have a purpose built air range with an array of different targets to shoot, consisting of:

  • Paper
  • Cans
  • Reactor
  • Spinning and pop up targets

Rifle Ranges

Range 1 is situated in a young woodland block down a long ride between the trees, giving a fantastic area to zero and test your shooting skills. The range offers from 50m to 250m from the custom built bench rests. TTT offers calibres .22, .223, .243 to .308 all with state of the art scopes.

Range 2 is a long distance range set over two different areas, shooting out to 500m on steel gong targets. The targets are placed from 200m out to 500m to be able to calculate windage and elevation. The calibres offered are .223, .243 and the sniper chassis tactical rifle in .308 all with state of the art scopes.

Range 3 is set in a dried out pond hole. From the shooting position, there are targets ranging from 20m to 60m with metal gongs of different sizes. Shooting is carried out with a .38 calibre under lever rifle with an aim point red dot scope.

Range 4 is simulated stalking through woodland, spotting metal targets, identifying species and taking shots from different scenarios over a variety of distances from 80m to 200m. Shooting is carried out with .223, .243 and .308 all with state of the art scopes.

Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting is different from the average shooting ground as we offer not only different targets, but also different shotguns on different disciplines from the moving clay to the stationary time trial events.

Clay Station 1 is located on the open grasslands where you will be positioned to shoot a flurry of clays from the automatic traps. A set number of targets will be fired on different angles and times throughout. You will be using an over and under shotgun.

Clay Station 2 is a unique but fun time training trial with stationary clay targets situated amongst the trees. You will be using a 10 shot semi auto shotgun and a 10 shot pump action shotgun.

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